Slouching Hound - Pet portraits and exquisitely designed Martingale dog collars.

Thank you for the Picture its superb, so realistic i keep shedding a tear, Thank you once again :Dxx

Beautiful pet portraits taken from your photographs.........simple just email me your photos and i'll do the rest.

I work in different mediums including Acrylics, Pastels, Pencil Crayons and Graphite Pencil. You can choose which you prefer or you can leave it to me to decided which medium suits your picture best. Pictures can be framed or not its up to you....
New charcoal and pastel head  sketch portraits now available 
size 10" x 8" priced £50 per subject



Jess in Pastels

                            Bobo in pastel

second  portrait of Orinoco

orinoco in pastels

Hamish and Patsy in pastels

Louis in Pastels


Tabitha in  pastels 

Stan in Pastels

Patch in Pastels

Medium: Pencil crayons


Medium: Pastels

Medium: Pencil crayon

Medium: pencil crayon

Medium:Pencil crayon


Medium: Pastels

original photos

Original photo

Original photo

Original photo

Medium : Acrylics

original photo of Issey

   How to order 
Simple send me your photographs either by Email or through the post, please make sure these are as clear as possible  ( please see tips on photographing your pet) the better the photograph the better the results. 
i can then do an initial  sketch of your portrait and email this for your approval, or we can just decide on a medium and  i will start work on your portrait. If you wish i can provide updates but some like to wait for the finished result. 

on completion i will email you  a picture of your finished portrait for your final approval. At this point i will send you an invoice for the final payment before posting out your portait to you .

All portraits can be ordered in portrait or landscape, portrait is best for single subjects and landscape is best for multiple images. Please bear in mind if you would like a multiple portrait you will need to order size 14 x 16 or above. 

I do offer a framing service in which i use a local framers who only use the best quality wooden frames. There is a choice of light or dark wood frames or alternatively i can choose what suits your portrait best. If you wish your portrait to be unframed it will be packaged securely in a board backed envelope. 

please note it is always a risk to post framed artwork and i cannot be held responsible for any breakages !

Tips for taking a good photograph
Always try to use as much natural light as possible as indoor flash photography can alter your pets natural coloring and cause red eye. Try to make sure the image fills the picture and tops of heads are not missing. Sometimes it helps to send multiple pictures but indicate which you prefer.

If you are interested in commissioning a pet portrait then please contact me via the Contact section.

Postage and packaging cost £20 for 48 hr express delivery 

Other commissioned pieces


contact me for details..........

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